Homeowners offer driveways for hire through new website

Homeowners now have the chance to make a bit of extra cash thanks to a new website which allows users to offer driveways and garages for hire.

Parkatmyhouse.com offers parking spaces for commuters in key areas such as London city centre, Manchester, Birmingham and parts of Scotland. The website is expanding every day with new areas being added regularly.

As well as offering parking spots close to train stations and bus stations for commuters travelling to work, the website puts drivers in touch with parking spaces close to sporting stadiums such as Wembley, the emirates and Old Trafford.

Parking spaces on private driveways and garages can be hired from as little as £5 a day, or £20 a week making it an affordable and hassle free option for daily commuters. The scheme has been welcomed by homeowners who have been able to make extra money by hiring out space on their property which would otherwise be unused.

In some city centre areas where parking is at a premium, parking spaces at home situated a 15 minute walk from the nearest railway station are being snapped up by commuters. The new parking space hire service has been well received by these commuters as it offers peace of mind and the guarantee of a safe parking space every day, saving drivers time in the mornings as they don’t have to allow time every day to scour the streets for a parking space.

The UK based website also received a boost recently after striking a deal with luxury car manufacturer, BMW, which has invested in the newly launched site.