A new 60 page report has suggested that holiday home rental firm, Airbnb, are set to sign a commercial deal with America’s super couple, Kimye, offering them free long-term accommodation in exchange for an endorsement package.

Requesting a $30 million Manhattan apartment to stay in for the whole season, West reportedly needs to be in the city, with fashion week scheduled for the very near future. Also wanting a base his upcoming Saint Pablo Tour Kanye West does however own a property in the city, although feeling it to be too small for what he needs. According to sources the rapper’s one-bedroom apartment on Houston Street “is smaller than Kim’s closet in LA” .

As a true example of how money comes to money this deal will no doubt raise the profile of both the property, the booking business and the rental market as a whole, so can we really complain? Well the answer is yes, we can, with the owner of the apartment inevitably feeling a hit.

Having the high-profile name such as Kim and Airbnb attached “won’t help a sale; a source suggests.

‘It isn’t attractive to high-end buyers’

“Plus, Airbnb is only offering a little more than $150,000 for the entire stay, when most of these places rent for [more than] $100K a month.”

Hoping to strike a deal within the next month the power couple got the idea from the younger generation of Kardashians, with Kendall and Kylie both receiving free stays from Airbnb and bragging about it online.



Let us know hat you think, is this a great marketing tool for the hire market or another example of Kardashian world domination? Leave your comments with us.