With the car rental market constantly on the increase (especially at the higher end) we are seeing more and more relative companies come forth, with car space and garage rental now a sought after service.  Where we have already seen such introductions at the lower end of the market, with companies like JustPark permitting city workers to rent driveways from residents, this has now become an international need.

GaragePointer.com is the latest to enter this niche industry, predominantly marketed to the holidaymaker.

“Finding safe, convenient and reasonably priced parking is problematic, particularly for people who own high-end luxury cars and collectible automobiles,” co-founder Donald Osborne commented.

Ringing very true when it comes to luxury cars our need to keep cars safe, and put them on a pedestal, is heightened when we rent them.

Daniel Ford of national luxury hire service, Regency.co.uk, says:

‘We hear so many horror stories about car hires going wrong, with damages and thefts being a true nightmare for every party.  While insurance is there for such unwanted instances many customers want that extra piece of mind, especially when hiring cars in areas they do not know.’

Classic cars 

This service, recently launched by GaragePointer answers that looming question of ‘Where am I going to park?’, enriching the car hire experience and eliminating risk. Being compared to Airbnb’s business model it appears there is certainly room fir many more parking hire firms to join the hire network.

Let us know your thoughts, would you park your expensive car in a stranger’s garage? Share your opinions with us.