Recently revealing plans to scrap taxi discounts for disabled people, Dundee Council has come under fire for recent decisions. Whilst nothing can be done to force the Council’s hand, the business community has stepped in, including private rental firm; Scottish Blue Ltd. Honouring the Taxicard Scheme, the business will now offer the same discount to their disabled passengers.

Cardholders will receive £1 off their journey when travelling in any Scottish Blue Ltd minibus; vehicles generally utilised for trips to and from local hospitals.

Although the Taxicard Scheme will no longer be maintained by the Council, they will be reinvesting the £50,0000 saved into their own fleet of vehicles, making alternative provisions to support the local community.

George Scullion, Managing Director of Scottish Blue, displays nothing but pride when announcing their involvement in the scheme:

“We have spoken to the council about taking over the Taxicard Scheme.

“We have a scheme called Easy-On, which transports people to hospital appointments and has been taken up by a variety of people and community groups.

“Everyone that has an existing card will be given a £1 discount.

Although a lovely surprise announcement, such a scheme has been on the business’ radar for some time, with the Council’s announcement simply giving them the push they needed to roll out such an incentive.

“We had been looking at doing this for a while, while waiting for confirmation from the council about their plans.

“We knew that they were having problems with funds to run it.

“Our service runs from Monday to Friday, between 9.30am and 8pm and we can take up to eight people on board. “I don’t know how that will all tie in with the council’s plans with their own minibuses, but hopefully the two schemes can work together.”

Eager to work alongside other local support schemes, we certainly give kudos to the business for introducing such a worthwhile scheme. Let us know what you think; is there similar support in your local community?