Adaptive Vehicle Hire (AVH), the nation’s UK’s leading accessible vehicle hire company, has this week announced details of their recent expansion. Reporting their best year for thirteen years, the business has gone from strength to strength, claiming to have seen a sales increase of 20% year-on-year. Offering both long and short-term rental o their ‘adapted vehicles’, the business has also been investing in its fleet. Now, the company can provide its customers with a vast range of cars and minibuses, working in both the B2C and B2B spaces.

AVH’s managing director John Ellis, puts the business’ success rate down to their attention to detail, eager to offer a bespoke service to each of their customers.

“The fast delivery of vehicles tailored to specific individual, family and business needs stems from effective dialogue with customers, ensuring we have complete understanding of their circumstances” he said.

In recent weeks we have read some horror stories with regards to the car hire industry. From rogue traders to some of the biggest brands working in unethical ways; it’s great to see such an honest business do well.

“This customer-led approach is at the heart of our business and is why we’ve been able to build up a loyal client base and secure returns on repeat bookings.”

“An individual telephone consultation with a member of the team prior to vehicle allocation enables us to cater for every type of disability to ensure we provide optimum mobility. It means each customer can be confident their unique needs are met” Ellis continued.

So, other than astounding customer service, what separates this car hire brand from its competitors? Their selling point is arguably their range of cars.
Refreshing their small vehicles every three years, they ensure a modern, professional service time and time again. With their larger cars and minibuses, they are replaced every five years, again; allowing AVH to provide the best service possible. Recent wheelchair friendly car investments include the Hyundai i30 automatic model and the new Fiat Ducato seven-seater automatic.

Let us know what you think, will the successes of Q4 be replicated in 2018?