Brits hiring luxury cars to appear wealthy

According to a recent survey by car hire provider, Avis, Brits are increasingly choosing to hire high end luxury cars during the recession to give the appearance that they are doing well despite the economic downturn.

While it would be sensible to presume that with the current economic climate, many of us will be looking to cut back on our spending, it appears that car hire is one area which is bucking the trend as customers are forking out more, rather than less, in order to hire luxury motors and give the impression that they are living a luxury lifestyle.

Popular reasons for hiring a prestigious car, according to the research from Avis, is attending a wedding, going on a date, travelling to a job interview, or meeting the in-laws, all occasions when making a good impression will count in your favour.

The mentality of “keeping up with the Joneses” appears to be very much alive and kicking in the UK with 35% those who took part in the Avis survey admitting they hired a luxury car in order to create a good impression, while 18% said they did so to stand out from the crowd, while 14% said their reason for hiring a luxury car was to be taken more seriously.

Avis offers a range of top of the range of models for hire from their rental centres throughout the UK including performance cars such as the Porsche Cayenne, which would set you back around £88,000 if you were to purchase it, but can be hired from just £188 for the day, while the latest Audi A4 model is just £63 for a daily hire, but would cost £23,000 to buy new.