For Australian campervan hire company, Wicked Campers, discounts and offers are not restricted to simple marketing ploys like group bookings. If you want one day’s free van hire from this controversial van-hire company, all you need to do is walk into their depots with only a smile on your face.

Wicked Campers, famous for offering discounts to cults and customers with intimate body art, have caught media attention with their latest marketing tactic. The ‘Naked Special’ is geared towards travellers in Australia and New Zealand with the website promo reading: “Come into any of our Wicked locations wearing nothing but a smile and we’ll give you an EXTRA FREE DAY on top of your booking!!!”

Cheekily enough, it also reads: “If you are over 50, you can keep your clothes on, we will give you an extra day.”

Taking up the offer, two Swedish girls walked into the offices of Wicked Campers on Saturday 26 May, much to the shock of Cairns residents. Perched on top of vans, the girls attracted media attention, with a local resident commenting: “I was absolutely shocked. You don’t often see naked girls on the street.”

Wicked Manager John Laughton told Cairns Post: “Some people take it a little more literally than others. They all want to take advantage of cheap rates and if they can get a bit more off they’re going to do it. We get an equal mix of guys and girls (going nude).”

Australian law enforcement officers have declared that going topless, although objectionable and can be classed as public nuisance, is not illegal. As long as people keep themselves covered below the waist, they can get away with sashaying in topless to seek their freebie.

Other discounts on offer by Wicked Campers are geared towards members of cults, those with a sexy voice, and those willing to reveal how they lost their virginity. Although the company offers campervan hire for cities across the US, Europe and the UK, these discounts are not featured on their websites.