Girlfriend for hire website to help guys look cool

Having trouble finding a girlfriend? Sick of getting teased by your friends for your poor track record with the fairer sex? Then a new website, is being designed to help the socially inept look cool in front of their friends as ladies can be hired to send texts and give fashion advice, just in the same way a girlfriend would.

The new hire website is the brainchild of 22-year-old student and web entrepreneur, Cody Krecicki. For $5, girls registered on the website will perform a single task including writing on someone’s Facebook wall, or sending a text or even doing a piece of homework. The site’s owner says it’s a great way for female students to make some extra money in between studying, while at the same time offering a service to young guys who may struggle to get a real girlfriend.

This isn’t the only online service to offer the services of a pretend girlfriend, a similar website was set up last year, which enables male users to buy a phone number which will then send them texts, supposedly from their new girlfriend. The users can also personalise the texts themselves to make the response all the more convincing and impressive to their friends.

However the biggest selling point of the latest website, will be that the users get to interact with a real person as opposed to a pre-programmed service. A number of strict guidelines are also being put in place to ensure the integrity of the site so it remains a safe space for both sides to interact.

Do you think a girlfriend for hire website is a good idea? Or just a bit sad? Let us know your thoughts on the subject by dropping us a line in the comments box below.