Everyday we are hearing a new rumour about Google and their plans for self-drive transport domination, with their secret mission to beat rivals named ‘Google X’. Constantly adding to their workforce we feel we are getting closer, with another big name recruited this week.

Shaun Stewart, Airbnb’s global head of vacation rentals since 2014, is said to now be employed by Google, heading up the driverless car initiative. With a stellar reputation in the hire market we at Anything For Hire believe this to be a very credible move, one that will no doubt accelerate Google’s plans in the race to invent a perfectly-working driverless car.

This news comes after Chris Urmson, the technical leader on the project, stepped down out of the blue, throwing in the towel on the project.

Reports suggest that Stewart will report to Hyundai executive John Krafcik, an employee that joined Google just last year.

Will Google enter the hire market?

With the power to execute pretty much any type of business many are suggesting that this hire marks the beginning of a venture, with one reporter writing:

‘It’s an unusual hire — bringing into the robotics projects someone who has primarily worked in the online travel industry. But X has brought in unconventional leaders before. And Stewart’s background — he was an exec at Jetsetter, a luxury travel site that sold to TripAdvisor — suggests the car team is pinning down a viable business model.’

‘If Google X takes an Airbnb-like online rental approach, it won’t be the only outfit going down that path.’

Excited at the thought of a truth behind these rumours we would love to hear your thoughts; will Google enter the car hire market? Leave your comments below.