T’Work to open up the tool hire market with P2P app

Four men from Nebraska have this week released an application, a launch that they believe will streamline the tool hire market. Injecting technology into the industry the men have a really unique idea on their hands, one that will no doubt make its way to the UK in years to come.

As another example of peer-to-peer introduction into the marketplace the graduates liken their business to Uber, the latest transport rental company in the world. With a tagline that reads ‘Get your lazy assets to work’ we at Anything for Hire are excited to watch this platform develop.

Co-founder, Davy, says ‘people are already borrowing and lending to each other right now informally. What we’re trying to do is create a more formal channel for that to happen.”

With a string of questions regarding liability Davy argues the case of the app, clearly covering every corner when developing the app:

“There’s an online agreement, similar to if you were going to rent from Home Depot or some place like that,” Davy said. “You would have to sign the rental agreement that says what you’re liable for and you can’t hold the owner of the tool responsible if you damage it or hurt yourself or your property in the process of using it.”

The idea

The idea for T’Work came about after the now CEO, King, purchased a house in Lincoln, feeling the wrath of redecorating. Needing a whole stack of tools the work became expensive, giving King a lightbulb moment. With tool hire being expensive when needed on a long term basis and purchase feeling rather unnecessary Co-Founder Davy continues to justify the place in the market for T’Work.

“They were constantly in this position where they needed a tool for a project,” Davy said. “As an amateur doing a do-it-yourself project, you really don’t know how long you’ll need (to rent) it, or what you’re doing when you get started.”

Let us know what you think, would you pay to borrow a tool from someone? Leave your comments with us.