Tool hire worker stole £2k worth of fuel from employer

A tool hire worker from North Wales lost his job after he was caught out buying £2,000 worth of fuel using the company account.

32-year-old Dorian Jones had been buying containers full of diesel, which he put on the company account which was paid by his employer, Brandon Tool Hire, and was being used by him outside of work hours. The tool rental worker racked up a bill of £2,000 in total over a period of a several months.

The court heard that Mr Jones from Llanrwst had been using the company account to pay for diesel for his own use as he had not been reimbursed by his employer for the £700 he’d had to pay in dental bills following an accident at work.

The defendant’s solicitor said his client was very remorseful for his actions adding that Mr Jones had felt let down by his employers following the accident which occurred during work hours and left him in need of £700 worth of dental work.

Mr Jones was fired from his position at Brandon Tool Hire in Llandudno, North Wales, after the fuel theft was uncovered and has since found alternative employment as a labourer.

The ex-tool rental worker was ordered to repay the £2,000 he’d stolen from his employer by the court, and also £85 in costs and ordered to undertake 80 hours of unpaid work.