Birthday party hire options

If you have been placed in charge of organising the ultimate birthday celebration then you need to understand the conditions of the market, knowing what is out there to make the most of this joyous occasion. At we are constantly celebrating the amazing hire options now available to the consumer, ensuring that special occasions, like birthday, are optimised on.

In order to help the party planner of the UK we have put together our top birthday party hire options, we hope they give you some inspiration.

Mobile bar hire

Drinks plays a huge part of any party, whether it be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Allowing guests to indulge in their favourite tipple will see them relax and enjoy themselves, arguably the main aim of the event. Nowadays hiring a fully-functioning bar can make a lot of sense, both for the spirit of the party as well as the budget!

One company,, seem to reign supreme in this industry. Offering everything from bespoke cocktails to good old fashioned beer taps, this company can create a bar tailored to your birthday.

As well as the drink itself they will also man the bar, providing expert, fully-licenced staff at great rates.

‘Our Bar Staff are all trained to the highest of standards, to help your event run smoothly, from weddings to corporate events’ says the company.

Luxury car hire

The Sweet 16 type celebration has certainly made its way to the UK, with grand entrances being a must. At we highly recommend hiring a car for a big birthday, a simple way of adding a touch of class to an event. The following cars create the biggest impact in our experience:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Starline Limo Bus
  • Lamborgini Aventador
  • Lincoln Towncar Limousine

With a simple Google search you will be sure to stumble across a wealth of companies offering competitive rates to hire such cars as the above.


Food sits at the centre of any large event, renowned for bringing party guests together. With Indian food now being a popular cuisine for all types of events around the world why not consider an Indian banquet for the birthday?

Make your way to or and find out more.