Hiring vs buying suits

Whether you are getting married, attending an important business event or a religious ceremony, image is key. Wanting to prevail a certain sense of style and class we can often hear the faint cries from the wallet. However, this should not be the case, with so many suit hire options now at the disposal of the gentleman.


Your average high-end suit will cost you around the £500 mark, often reserved for special occasions and spending most of it’s life in the wardrobe. In comparison to hiring a suit this is an expensive option, with a vast number of suppliers offering suit hire packages from as little as £100.

For this reason hiring a suit for a wedding for example is a great idea, permitting brides and grooms to spend their hard-earned wedding budget in other areas such as wedding cars and the all-important honeymoon.


Where many believe that standard and material is compromised if they were to hire this could not be more false, with shops such as Moss Bros, Peter Posh and Greenwoods all passionate about quality.

According to suit hire firm Burton style sits at the forefront on the hire business:

‘Sometimes it’s really worth making that little bit of extra effort to look great for a special occasion but knowing what to wear isn’t always easy. That’s where we come in!

Whether you are getting married, attending a prom or you want to wear something different for the races this year, we have pulled together the perfect collection of stylish looks for every occasion’.

Hire agreements

It is true that many are put off hiring suits and other services due to the worry of damage. Understanding that some scags and stains are inevitable many suppliers are pretty open-minded, working to create a hire agreement that suits all.

One newlywed, Paul, shared his opinion on wedding suit hire with us, commenting that although he was slightly paranoid about ruining the suit it saved him a whole lot of money.

‘I would highly recommend hiring with Burton. I rented my wedding suit as well as a formal suit to take on honeymoon with me. I hired them both for a week and enjoyed change from £300. That you would not get if you were to purchase’.

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