Driveway rental increases in popularity

As Britons we were created to not tolerate two things, bad weather and bad parking conditions. Where we evidently have no control over the British weather it seems we are making an effort to solve parking issues, with areas such as Hammersmith and Fullham being incredibly inventive. Apparently residents of such areas are now renting out their driveways, a service that both city workers and tourists are making great use of.

New figures illustrated that driveway bookings were on average priced at £40 per day, with the price increasing if the driveways were close to borough hotspots such as Stamford Bridge, Imperial Wharf station and Fulham Broadway.

Situated  further away from well known areas still enjoyed charging of £12 a day, advertising online and making use of their empty parking spaces.

Founder of JustPark Anthony Eskinazi, who carried out the research, said: “These families and individuals are resourceful enough to be making a bit of extra money from their property, and are offering an important service at the same time – in this case, cheaper parking for drivers in Hammersmith and Fulham.”

The company website today stated that the popularity of renting out driveways has increased by a huge 40%, with more and more residents of the borough making money from their driveways.

It was however in the city centre where they experienced the largest increase in bookings, with 60% more people looking to find a space compared to the previous year.

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