Car Hire service launched by Fly Dubai

Low cost airline, Fly Dubai, have just unveiled plans to offer their passengers a highly competitive car hire service from a huge range of destinations spread across the world.

With their commitment to offering their customers the very best rate on car rental services, those who reserve a hire car through the new exclusive service can rest assured they’ll receive the most affordable rate for their car rental package as Fly Dubai search through hundreds of providers and compare prices so they can deliver the most competitive rates.

The airline will offer car hire transportation from 35,000 cites and airports across 185 countries. Fly Dubai will work in conjunction with Car Trawler to deliver their new cost effective car hire service. The airline hopes to offer a hassle and stress free way for their passengers to arrange their complete transport package regardless of where they’re travelling in the world.

Fly Dubai believes that offering multiple services under their umbrella banner will help boost revenue for the company as other airlines, such as Easy Jet, have successfully combined the two services in order to offer their passengers a complete travel package.

Budget airline Fly Dubai say they are dedicated to delivering affordable transport solutions to their passengers, with the savings being passed onto their travellers through reduced prices.