Toyota drive Dublin car hire plans forward

Toyota is a car brand that has experienced an exciting time of expansion over the course of the last ten years. This is mainly due to their relevancy in this eco-world that we now find ourselves in. Having invested their time in building city cars with low emissions, Toyota has positioned itself as a modern brand aligned with our country’s environmental values.

Wanting to make more of a name for themselves in Dublin, Toyota launched a hire product back in 2016, inviting residents and tourists to become part of the Yuko Car Club. Placing a local sportsman as the brand ambassador for this campaign, Dublin footballer, Jonny Cooper, is just one of the many drivers making use of this innovative rental scheme.

Allowing people to hire their cars by the hour, members of the club can book and pay for their hire services online. With various benefits for the consumer, being a member means you can have free parking in Dublin, 50kms of fuel for free as well as comprehensive insurance cover.

Being a venture that has gone particularly well, the firm has this week announced that they will be heightening their presence in the city. Tripling their short-term hire fleet, Toyota will now be operating 100 of these vehicles as opposed to the 30 the city currently occupies.

Steve Tormey, chief executive of Toyota Ireland, said:

“Car hire and car-sharing services reduced congestion and the amount of parking spaces needed in new developments.”

Car hire memberships

So, how does the membership work? According to Toyota, users pay a sign-on fee as well as a monthly membership, providing them with access to hire prices as low as €8 an hour. With plans to roll out this service in a selection of other major UK cities, we would love to know your thoughts on car hire memberships. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.