Wedding Planning: Why Hire a Photo booth?

British wedding receptions are getting bigger and better with each year that passes, with the humble, intimate ceremony now being a thing of the past. Seeing brides and grooms invest heavily in the most important day of their lives, weddings are now no expense spared events. 

But, for most, budget has to play a part in what can and can’t be achieved at a wedding reception. This is why at Anything for Hire, we ensure all types of wedding planners can access competitive deals for various wedding rental services. This includes photo booth hire; a service that is growing in popularity.  

Below, we look at a few advantages to investing in photo booth hire for your big day. 

Capture incredible wedding memories 

As the bride or groom, you will find it hard to spend time with all of your quests at your wedding, being hugely in-demand people. Having a photo booth present at your reception will ensure you remember everyone who attended. Whether getting a snap with them yourself or simply enjoying looking at pictures of your loved ones having fun together, having images to look back on immortalizes your wedding day.  

It’s fun  

Weddings can be boring; fact. However, with the addition of a photo booth comes a whole heap of fun. Coming with various props to fashion, those being snapped can dress up in feather bowers, hats, wigs and pose with all types of props, letting their hair down and having some good old-fashioned fun.  

Photo booth hire is an affordable form of entertainment  

Where wedding bands, singers and magicians are great, most can be rather costly. So, if you are looking for a relatively cheap way to entertain guests then photo booth hire should definitely be on your radar.  

Compare photo booth hire prices  

Want to get your photo booth booked in? Search, compare and book with local suppliers through this very site, uncovering the best deals from the highest regraded providers.