Brits more likely to hire a car than catch public transport while abroad

Car HireAccording to a recent survey, 58% of Brits would rather take out car hire than venture onto a foreign public transport system. The most common reason for shunning the bus or train in favour of car rentals is that 21% say they find foreign public transport systems confusing, while 22% said they avoided it because of problems they might encounter because of the language barrier.

There seems to be a divide in opinion between older and younger travellers with Brits aged 55 years and over proving to be more adventurous on their travels compared to their younger counterparts. Only 12% of the over 55’s said they had concerns over using public transport while abroad compared to 22% of 18-24 year olds, and the results were very similar when it came to fears over getting lost on foreign public transport systems with only 16% of over 55’s being worried about this issue, in contrast to 27% of younger travellers.

The research was carried out by to investigate the feelings of British holidays makers to car hire versus public transport. For 58% of those who took part in the poll, car hire was a more desirable option, especially for families, as there are no restrictions with keeping to set times as there is with public transport. Car hire abroad is also becoming a more affordable option with car rental starting as little as £8 a day in selected countries.