For most of us, the prospect of driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini feels like an unobtainable dream. This is mainly due to the high price tags of such glamorous vehicles, with the average supercar surpassing the £200,000 mark. 

This is why many decide to hire supercars for social events and occasions, enjoying the thrill of travelling in top vehicles without the hefty financial commitment.  

Over the past year, the UK’s appetite for supercar hire has both heightened and matured, with all types of people requesting high-end supercars for all types of reasons. From weddings and proms to business trips and romantic trips away, there is no occasion that cannot be enhanced with the addition of a supercar. 

If you are thinking of hiring a supercar for whatever reason, you will understandably want to know what it will cost and how the suppliers arrive at their fees.  

This is why below, we look at some contributing factors to the prices charged for supercar hire. 


Like any service, supercar hire has peak seasons, with certain times of the year being busier than others. The summer months are understandably the most popular for supercar hire, with June, July and August heightening people’s want to travel in fine drop tops and speedy vehicles.  

It is also worth remembering that wedding season and prom season fall into these summer months, events that all call for extravagant car hire.  

But, what does this mean for the price quoted? Well, like any market, prices go up during peak season; a clear case of supply and demand. This is why if you are looking to hire a luxury car during the summer or around busy times like Christmas and New Year, booking well in advance is advised. Not only will this get you the best price but you will also have a pick of the best bunch of supercars before they get booked up.  

The car you choose  

The more valuable the vehicle the more it will cost you to hire. It is worth remembering this when you start to compare your options, quickly learning what types of supercars fit in with your budget. Giving you a clear view of your opinions straight away, knowing what you can and can’t afford can save you time, money and a whole load of heartache, ensuring you do not have your heart set on a certain marque to then find out it is out of bounds.  

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