New York townhouse on rental market for $20k a day

A New York town house situated in the trendy Manhattan district of the city is believed to be one of the most expensive properties on the rental market with a rate of $20,000 a day being stipulated.

The 13,000 square foot apartment was one of the first power substations in New York and retains its sense of being an industrial space, while at the same time combining a number of luxurious features.

Visitors to the plush pad will be greeted by an expansive 20ft wide indoor swimming pool as they arrive at the apartment which is an extra selling point as very few of the properties in this area of Manhattan have their own private swimming pool. The pool also has a claim to fame as Beyonce shot her music video for Halo in it back in 2008.

The property is owned by horror movie director, Marcus Nispal, and his wife who bought the warehouse space back in 1996 for $1.75 million when it was being used as an art gallery. Over the next 10 years the couple completely transformed the Manhattan townhouse, using only the very best materials and furniture to create the finished apartment which is now fetching a whopping $20 for a day’s rent.

If you’ve got the cash to spare and would like to rent the New York apartment for longer than a single day, then a slightly more reasonable rate of $50,000 for a week’s rental and $100,000 for a month’s rent is also available.