New Technology is Shaking Up the Car Rental Industry

The rise of new technology has already had a huge impact on the car rental industry, with consumers ultimately turning to alternatives for their vehicle requirements, such as Uber and Ola, both huge threats to the industry. Here’s a few of the current changes the car rental industry faces:

Online ride hailing

An enormous influence on the traditional car hire industry has been the increasing popularity of Uber, and its more recent rival, Ola. This platform allows consumers to quickly access easy and quick transport with just a few clicks on their Smartphone. It allows you to select a pick-up location and destination, view a cost estimate and the whereabouts of your driver as they arrive in a few minutes.

With the convenience of its card-only payment and ability to store payment information, it has meant that many consumers now choose companies like Uber instead of the traditional taxi.

Increasing use of  smartphones

With smartphones now providing a further and improved reach of the internet, it enables consumers to access mobile-friendly sites or apps wherever they are and at any time.

However, car rental firms have embraced the technology and have developed easy mobile access for customers to make instant and stress-free reservations. You only have to see how many car hire firms have partnered with Anything for Hire to know that!

More accessible internet

With improved access to the internet and broadband, there has also come increased usage. Customers now use the internet increasingly more for tasks such as reading the news or shopping from the comfort of their own home.

However, this has provided an easier way for car rental companies to showcase their services through advertising and social media pages to appeal to customers. This provides various marketing benefit.

This means that the internet has become the number one place for consumers when they are looking for a car hire company, and to also compare different car hire companies to suit their preferences in a matter of minutes.

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