Just about every car manufacturer and rental company in the world is focused on new technology, wanting to operate a modern fleet that talks to the 21st century traveller. The latest to invest in the area of ‘connected’ cars is the Avis Budget Group. This week, the international car hire company announced that they had surpassed the 100,000 connected car threshold, displaying a huge commitment to improving customer experience.

This, combined with their amazing Avis App, allows customer to pretty much arrange every detail of their car hire experience from the comfort of their smartphone. From upgrading their vehicle to locating it in the forecourt, Avis have very much put the customer in control.

Personalised dashboards

This brand also tells that they are set to roll out personalised dashboards, making their app even more sophisticated than before. Including features that can help you find local petrol station, select suitable cars based on your tastes and even access maps of airport drop-off locations, Avis hope to further increase the number of cars hired through the application. To date, 1.5 million transactions have been made by more than 400,000 customers on the app, illustrating just how much of a focus car connectivity is for the brand.

“Connected cars allow Avis customers to manage their entire rental through our app, including locking and unlocking car doors via smartphone. We see a future in which connected cars will know preferred seat positon, car temperature, radio presets and more,” says Arthur Orduña, chief innovation officer of Avis Budget Group.

“An example of this is in our Mobility Lab in Kansas City, which aims to enhance travelers’ experiences through our connected cars. If a traveler’s phone shows they are interested in baseball, the customer may receive a push notification recommending the city’s acclaimed Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.”

Let us know what you think; should more car hire businesses be investing in applications like this?