As a city, London is renowned for setting trends. From fashion to business, anything London does, we pretty much follow suit. This month, the city has announced plans to welcome an electric bike hire scheme, brought to them by Chinese firm; Mobike. Offering a ‘sweat-free’ way to travel the city, these bikes will permit commuters and tourists to get from A to B without needing to freshen up at B.

Expected to really limit the number of Londoners using buses and tubes, could these bikes be the answer to London’s transport issues?

Described as “lightweight and comfortable”, these bikes can reach speeds of 12mph and even have a central section where you can slot your smartphone!

Steve Milton, Mobike’s head of communications, said:

“E-bikes go further and make longer journeys quicker, while also opening up the market for people who don’t cycle. If you’re in your suit or work clothes you won’t work up a sweat or use so much effort.” A ride from High Street Kensington to the West End might take only 15 minutes “so you don’t need to take the Tube”.

While London has already seen traditional pay-as-you-ride schemes launched across the district , there are a few obstacles to overcome before electric bike rental can be fully rolled out.

“Now we’re focused on working with Transport for London to find the right regulation, parking spots and protection from theft and vandalism” he continued.
Michael Hurwitz, TfL’s director of transport innovation, said:

“We’re working hard to make cycling easier and more accessible across London, so we welcome the growth in dockless cycle hire schemes.

“However, it is vital that dockless operators work closely with us and the boroughs to ensure their schemes are safely and responsibly managed, so we can avoid the disruptive and dangerous clutter of abandoned bikes that we have seen in some cities around the world.”

Let us know what you think. In addition to being an eco-friendly mode of transport, are there any other benefits for Londoners?