Very bizarre things to hire

The purpose of hiring is simple, allowing consumers to enjoy the things they want and need without footing the bill for the whole product/service. Where some hire options such as occupational tools are a necessity at the other end of the spectrum we have the excessive; products that are simply hired for indulgent purposes. Having seen this emerging market transcend into a new, outlandish state we would like to share some of the amazing objects and services now up for rent.

Hire a Cudler

‘The service is aimed at providing affection for career driven women or those whose husbands work away’ comments The Mirror.
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Hire a Husband

A hire a husband service offering single ladies the chance to hire a man to carry out jobs around the house has been launched in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.
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Hire a Yacht

Private yachts are traditionally reserved for the rich, famous and elite, boasting such incredibly high price tags that make them somewhat out of reach for your average Joe. Now we are seeing more and more companies join the market offering competitive deals for the most exclusive of vehicles, seeing your average all-inclusive trip to Spain as rather unsatisfying.

Hire Supercars

Where once a form of transport only experienced on screen with films such as Fast and Furious supercars are slowly taking over the roads, with Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti brands reining supreme.

Hire a Cow

Yes, you heard correctly, you can now hire a cow.

At Just £80 a month a Switzerland farmer is renting out Maxime, Wanda, and Lynn from his herd.

This entitles customers to visit the cow, milk it and receive a souvenir picture. They will also get a discount on bread and cheese sold by his farm.

‘The pressure on us farmers is big these days,’ said Mr. Breitenmoser, of Eggerstanden. ‘Every farmer is looking for something special to make some extra cash.’

A theatre for gaming

Gamers are renowned for their fixation on the latest releases, being rather passionate about gaming as a pastime. With gamers being very much part of a community online many are taking this one step further, renting out full-blown theatre for large gaming events.

Hire a bridesmaid

With the UK filled with Bridezillas, it appears many will go to great lengths to see the that their wedding day is one of perfection. One site,, brands the service as ‘the gal pal you never had’, highlighting the fact that this hired bridesmaid will ‘do all the dirty work for you’.

‘We give brides a boost of confidence and help them stay stress-free before and during their wedding day’ the site states.

Let us know what you think, which of these services is the most bizarre in your eyes?