Thrifty given the cold shoulder by Nottingham Council

Due to the rise in innovative online booking models, the biggest car hire brands in the UK are in more competition with one another than ever before. Eager to expand into new markets both here and overseas, brands such as Enterprise Rent a Car and Thrifty are constantly in the limelight of late. Recently, Thrifty announced plans to enhance their presence in Nottingham, wanting to position themselves as the go-to company for car and van rental in the area.

A new car hire depot

As part of these plans, the Scot Group, who owns the UK franchise for Thrifty Car and Van Rental, made an application to build a new depot. The proposal involved a vacant site in Nottingham city centre; one that was previously used by Sunwin car dealership. Positioned on Incinerator Road, Thrifty thought the spot would be perfect to build a 1,905 sq ft office, as well as parking space for 220 of their rental vehicles. Here, the company could also create a wash bay where their workers could clean and maintain the pristine condition of the cars they rent out.

Whilst promising to create more jobs in the area, the plans have been rejected by Nottingham Council, with representatives feeling that it would not be a beneficial use for the land.

“The use of the site for vehicle rental would fail to make a positive contribution to the public realm and sense of place, would not be attractive and would be completely dominated by motor vehicles” a Council spokesperson said.

Operating over 17,000 vehicles from 100 branches in the country, this depot would have been ideal to support Thrifty Car and Van Rental with their continuous plans for expansion. Let us know what you think, did Nottingham Council make the right decision when throwing the plans out? Leave your comments with us.