Electric Bike Hire Returns to Exeter

Most cities now have some sort of bike hire offering. However, finding the right bike hire supplier to partner with has been a rather problematic task for many councils.
However, Exeter is a city that seems to have it cracked, bringing bike hire back into the area after forming a partnership with Co Bikes.

As of August 23rd, Exeter will feature 14 bike hire stations that will house 100 bikes. Locations will include County Hall and Civic Centres. Then, in September, the firm will launch further sites such at Exeter St David’s, Exeter Central, Digby & Sowton and University of Exeter. This will coincide with ‘Cycle September’; a campaign that aims to encourage more people to travel on electric bikes and limit pollution.

But, this is not the first time the city has worked with Co Bikes, having previous trailed their scheme. This time around, the residents and tourists of the area can make use of brand new bikes as well as an updated phone application; one that will completely manage all hire payments and bookings.

Mark Hodgson, managing director of Co Bikes, said: “Shared bike schemes are one of the best ways to navigate the urban landscape, helping reduce the numbers of cars on the road and the associated pollution and congestion.

“Our bikes have the added bonus of being electric so not only are they great fun, but you can also tackle even the toughest hills without breaking into a sweat. This makes them the ideal choice for commuters, travelling to meetings around the city or simply running everyday errands. I can’t wait to see our bikes back out around the city, especially as we’ll be announcing a number of new locations.”

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