While fly-tipping is an issue across the country, it appears that Bristol is an area that is experiencing a great deal more activity than other cities.

Fly-tipping has become such a problem that local skip hire firm, Bateman Skips, has highlighted various no-go zones; areas that they refuse to leave their skips overnight.

This follows what the company is calling the worst example of it yet, sharing pictures of what their skip looked like when left on Milner Road.

Being hijacked by fly-tippers, the skip was overflowing, filled with household waste that ran over onto the street and pavement.

Images of the skip were shared by the Keep Bristol Tidy twitter page.

“Why are we allowing this in the streets of Bristol?” they asked.

“Containment requirements are very clear on skip licences for public highways,” they added.

Though using someone else’s bin doesn’t sound like a massive deal, for the skip hire firms that have to collect the waste, it really is.

Lee Graham, the general manager of Bateman Skips, said:

“It is an absolute nightmare for us, and often for the customer,” he said. “People hire skips only for anybody from anywhere to come along and just dump their stuff in it – it’s very frustrating.”

Now, the company will roll out a ‘wait and drop’ service in problem areas, refusing to leave their skips anywhere that is prone to tipping.

“The best solution is having it off the road, in someone’s garden or on their drive, but there are obviously a lot of places where this is not possible,” said Mr Graham.

“There are many areas dotted around Bristol where we’ve had problems like this – and this area will be added to that list – where we now have to talk to the customer and offer them a wait-and-drop service.

“That involves us leaving a skip for 35-40 minutes or so, and waiting with it, for them to load it up, rather than leaving it for a couple of days and coming back and finding this sort of thing has happened,” he added.

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