Skip Hire Boss Fined £25,000

Waste disposal is a subject all over the news of late, with fly-tipping being a huge issues for many areas across the UK.

This is why the authorities are doing all they can to ensure individuals and businesses are operating in an ethical manner. But, it seems not everyone is working within the parameters of the law.

Just this week, a skip hire boss from Bob’s Skips in Basildon, Essex, has been ordered to pay £25,00 in fines. This comes after the Essex firm failed to check whether a haulier they were working with was legitimate. According to a press release found on the UK Government’s website, the haulier dumped waste at four different locations in Essex.

Using fake waste transfer notices, the haulier effectively swindled the skip hire company. But, with a care of duty to check documentation and the credibility of the firms they work with, the business’ boss, Walkers, has come under fire.

Mrs Dunne, prosecuting for the environmental agency, said Walker had been ‘reckless’ and failed to fulfil his responsibilities.

‘This unlawful waste disposal could have been prevented if the code of practice had been followed. By breaching his duty of care, he avoided the costs and taxes involved in sending waste to a permitted site.

After the hearing, Environment Agency officer Tom Pickover said:

‘We hope this sends out a clear message to waste operators that they cannot take a cavalier approach to its disposal.
The duty of care rules are there to protect the environment and legitimate traders who want to do a good job of disposing of waste properly.’

The fine will go towards clearing up the 4 sites.

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