Man accused of stealing £20k worth of tool hire equipment

A 39-year-old man from Bridgend, South Wales, appeared in court last week accused of stealing £20,000 worth of equipment from various tool rental providers over a 13 month period.

Royston Desmond Millett appeared at a hearing at Swansea Magistrates Court but entered no plea to the 11 charges he was faced with. The prosecution claim Mr Millett stole hired building equipment and machinery from tool hire providers including Travis Perkins, Brandon Tool Hire, Ready Tool Hire and HSS Tool Hire between February 2010 and March 2011.

The court heard that Mr Millett had allegedly stolen expensive items from the tool rental firms with a value of over £3,000 each in some cases. Stolen items included a Nikita heavy duty breaker, diesel mixer and plate compactor amongst other tool and building machinery. The estimated value of all of the items Mr Millett stands accused of stealing was said to be £20,000.

Many of the Tool Hire companies affected are situated in the South and West Wales area including Brandon Tool Hire in Llanelli and HSS Tool Hire in Cwmdu, Carmarthenshire.

Mr Millett was released on bail under the condition that he resides at his stipulated home address in Bridgend.

Swansea Magistrates Court deemed the case too serious for them to deal with and referred the case to the Crown Court. The defendant is due to appear on December 20th for committal at Crown Court.