$70 million car rental centre opened at Nashville Airport

This week has seen the grand opening of a brand new car rental centre at Nashville Airport, USA. The 1.2 million square foot car hire facility is the biggest building construction ever seen at the international airport, and is even bigger than the actual airport itself.

The brand new purpose built construction will house nine different car hire companies providing them with their own desks and customer collection and drop off areas within the facility. Another great advantage for car hire customers is that the new building is right opposite the main airport terminal meaning there’s no need for a shuttle bus service between the two areas.

900 feet of moving walkways and 27,000 feet of normal walkways have been created to enable customers to pass between the airport and car rental terminal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The number of vehicle rental spaces available thanks to the new construction will also increase dramatically from 1,400 to 2,400 as a result of the brand new facility.

Another area where the new car hire centre is helping to improve the airport is with its green credentials as the building features energy efficient lighting and also a reclaimed water supply which is used to wash the rental cars between each hire period.