Regency Slash Prices as Car Hire Charge Triples During Holiday Season

A consumer report has shown that from June to August the price of hiring a car can increase as much as 176%, making the process of hiring a car a pretty pricy activity.

We hire these ‘around town’ cars to make holidaying just that little bit easier, ensuring that our activities and excursions are dictated by us and achieved in the timeframes set out on our holiday agenda.

The thought of having to rely on taxis and busses can influence that sense of stress that is usual when away with the family. However with rates on such a dramatic increase the future is pretty bleak for budget holidays with car hire firms recognising just how much their products are in demand.

The average hire price was £50 for a 50-year-old for a week in June. In August, it increased to £138. Malaga airport saw similar increases, rising from £49 in June to £123. This is an increase of 152 per cent and is angering consumers greatly, feeling that they are being used to make additional profit.

Faro airport in Portugal saw prices rise by 109 per cent for hiring a small car, starting at £64 in June rising to £134 in August. A large car went from £148 to £280, an increase of 89 per cent. This has come as a great shock to us all, not wanting to go abroad as a result.

Holidaymaker Lois Dacruz says:


‘I have been going to Spain every year for the last four years with my husband and two children. We have always hired cars abroad to make our time away less stressful. We usually pay around 250 pounds for the week but this year we have been quoted no less that 400 pounds. I can see why people are more inclined to stay at home’

These prices are just ridiculous and even though the types of families shopping for hire cars are able to afford these prices it is the principle that is becoming frustrating. Families with disposable income know the value for money, therefore are steering towards other car hire options, and choosing to incorporate an element of style during the British summer.

As Brits we are illustrating a stronger passion for our country, spending the summer months residing in the UK rather than flying abroad. Although holidays usually serve as an out of the ordinary experience holidaymakers are filling this gap by hiring beautiful cars.

With the money saved by staying within the UK families are treating themselves to car hire with a difference, not going with the boring hatchback but a supercar.

Trevor, the Sales Manager at Regency puts this new trend in trip planning down to money.

‘With the price of both flying and renting a car abroad dramatically increasing many feel that the cards are being stacked against them. We at Regency heavily promote the British holiday and what better way to experience the beautiful roads of the UK than in a beautiful car.’

On the back of these finding Regency have cut their prices, seeing consumers offered competitive prices for self-drive sports car hire.

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