Private Hire and Taxi Insurance Broker (High Gear) Set to Take the Industry by Storm

high gear insurance

High Gear is a new car insurance firm putting chauffeur drivers and firms in contact with the best policies in the market. Private hire firms are infamous for receiving shoddy deals when it comes to coverage with insurers frightened by their high millage and busy nature. Rather than simply offering steep prices due to a lack of understanding of the industry High Gear sets to reinvent the way in which we view private hire insurance, illustrating that the risks are fewer than once thought.

With limousine hire, insurance can cost a bomb, with insurers not being particularly accommodating to this industry. Insurance can be very tedious with the ticking of boxes playing a huge part in the arrival at a price.

High Gear is offering themselves as the solution to these ridiculous prices, working with the customer to arrive at a suitable price for the cover offered.

The inventors of High Gear are reportedly from the private hire sector, gaining experience in limousine and self-drive supercar insurance. They are using their expertise to cater to niche insurance types such as taxi, limousine and motorhome hire.

With huge corporate firms dominating this sector, the introduction of High Gear could mark a shift in the way in which we source insurance with many preferring to go with providers offering individual policies.

The High Gear website seems to be encouraging huge sales, appearing completely different to the usual design. It is simple yet effective, clearly relaying to the visitor the services obtainable.

We at Anything For Hire welcome such an accommodating firm who put the needs of the private hire industry first.