As one of the biggest players in the car rental market, Avis have gone to great lengths to fight their competition. From constantly running promotions to ensuring their fleet it always replenished, Avis understands the need to remain relevant. This week, the car rental brand has joined forces with ecommerce site, Amazon, offering discounts to all Amazon customers.

How does it all work?

According to the company, Avis will reward their customers with an Amazon voucher worth 10% of the booking fee, permitting the customer to spend their voucher on anything they please. Giving customers an incentive to book again and again, this is a deal where everyone wins.

When discussing the launch of this promotion, the hire brand focused heavily on the convenience of renting a car, wanting to streamline the process of hiring cars online. Having been working closely with Amazon since 2017, this voucher incentive is just the next step in their relationship.

Last year, Avis launched Alexa Skill; a tool where people could use their voices to plan their car hire trips. From making rental car reservations and accessing their account to requesting receipts to be sent to their email address, it’s safe to say that Avis has successfully brought the car rental industry into the modern, digitally-savvy world.

“Amazon customers are accustomed to convenient and on-demand services, and Avis Budget Group is pleased to be able to add transportation to the mix,” says Beth Kinerk, the Senior Vice President of sales at Avis Budget Group.

While only offering this promotion in the US, Amazon and Avis are expected to start gifting free vouchers across various other markets, including the UK.

Let us know what you think. Would a voucher worth 10% of your car rental fee encourage you to book with Avis over other car hire companies? Leave your comments and thoughts below.