Luxury car hire is a service that most UK residents indulge in at one time or another. Whether it be a limo for prom or a posh chauffeur car for a business trip, these once in a lifetime trips are fun and unique.

However, it appears that as a nation, we are enjoying high-end car hire more than ever, with trends showing a huge increase in hiring activity. This is especially the case when looking at self-drive car hire, with more and more people wanting to get behind the wheels of their rental cars and experience what they are like to drive.

Below we look at the top events us Brits are hiring luxury self-drive cars for.


Wedding and high-end cars naturally go together. But, where most brides and grooms would look at Rolls Royces and limousines to get them and their wedding party to the destinations of the day, many brides and grooms are now wanting to drive themselves!

Loving the impact of pulling up in a self-drive supercar on their big day, many brides and grooms are taking the unconventional approach when planning their wedding transport.


Proms are another big event that require good-looking cars. Here at Anything for Hire, we have seen a surge in prom kings and queens exploring the idea of self-drive car hire. Wanting to impress classmates and lecturers with their arrival, it appears graduates are going to great lengths to leave a lasting impression!

Business meetings and events

The world of business is all about giving off a certain impression, with businessmen and women eager to impress colleagues, clients and affiliates. This is something many of our community’s business minds are achieving through self-drive car hire.

Top luxury self-drive car to hire

Below are a few of the most sought-after self-drive cars being hired in the UK all year round:

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