London car hire firms forms alliance with Tristar Worldwide

In a plea for world hire domination London car hire firm, Addison Lee, have partnered up with Tristar Worldwide; a deal that allegedly saw £50m change hands. With the news released just this afternoon we are Anything For Hire are rather excited, eager to see what the two hire masterminds will come up with.

Not phased by the constant threats of an Uber disruption is seems Addison Lee has taken matters into their own hands, buying out the taxi firm to form a fleet made up of 8,000 vehicles. Being an already heavily-ingrained name in the London transport industry this deal marks new beginnings for the executive firm, allowing them to spread their business overseas.

Addison Lee chief executive officer Andy Boland said: “This is a major landmark for our business. Coming together with Tristar means our shared ethos and commitment to quality, service and reliability can be expanded globally.”

However, it does appear that both parties will benefit from the completion of this deal, with the taxi firm Tristar branding Addison Lee as the ‘obvious’ partner.

Tristar Worldwide CEO Dean de Beer said: “When we set out to look for a partner with whom we can grow and take our business to the next level, Addison Lee was the obvious choice. I am proud of what we have achieved so far and excited about the next chapter for Tristar.”

With this meeting of minds the British company will accelerate their growth plans, promising to expand their coverage both in the UK and overseas.

“Working with our partners, we will have a presence in 25 UK cities by the end of the year” they confirmed.

Let us know how you feel about this partnership. Can the firm contend with Uber? Leave your comments with us.