The dream of an ultimate walk-in closet full of designer brands could soon become obsolete, as rental services offer more affordable access to brands such as Chanel and Prada

While renting a ball-gown or tuxedo has always been possible, rentals firms argue that now is the time for a Spotify of fashion and now chase the idea of marketing everyday wear.

YCloset’s Marketing Campaign

An ad in China shows a surprising video of Jiang Chacha who takes viewers on a tour of an industrial-scale laundry operation. However, YClosest isn’t selling laundry services and instead will let you rent the latest in women’s fashion.

Doris Ke, who created the campaign, says “Chinese consumers are still unsure about wearing clothes that have been worn before. The aim was to reassure them by showing the steam cleaners, the microscopes and the banks of washing machines they use to clean garments between loans.”

At the end of the ad, Jiang Chacha is given a glass of water that has been through a washing machine which implies that the water is clean enough to drink. Therefore, also implying that the clothes they rent are clean enough to wear.

Girl Meets Dress

Following the same path as YClosest, Anna Bance founded Girl Meets Dress in 2009 – a designer dress rental service. Many young girls envy the lifestyle of celebrities, who borrow beautiful designer dresses for events all the time – so why can’t we? At Girl Meets Dress, you can hire a full-length Amanda Wakeley gown for £89 (RRP £895) and if it gets returned unworn, you don’t have to pay.

However, while the firm predominantly started out as lending designer dresses, Anna Bance has said that the firm is shifting towards a more everyday role for rentals.

She says: “Already it’s not just for special occasions. Some customers may want one dress a year “for their husband’s work do in the city” but others are changing their habits and hiring a couple of dresses a week.”

The Rise of Clothing Rental

A big trend across the generation of Instagram is to wear an outfit once before they are thrown away again – so clothing rental is instantly more convenient. The more times a rental firm can rent out a garment, the higher their profits. Therefore, implying that renting clothes is considerably more beneficial for both the consumers and businesses and may soon have an impact on the clothing industry.

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