Toy rental proves a hit is South Africa 

Whilst we at Anything for Hire are heavily consumed with the UK rental and hire market the truth is we could take a lot of inspiration from other areas, with South Africa recently testing toy hire services. Proving to be a hit this model aims to fight against the currency’s volatility, seeing two women, Lyneve Pieterse and Sarah Brown, set up the Smart Toy Club.

Wanting to attract rich and poor parents alike the business collects, sterilises and rents old toys to new customers, allowing the less fortunate to treat their children without breaking the bank. In addition to the personal advantages such a business poses Smart Toy Club also has its environmental benefits, reducing waste through its passion for recycling.

Explaining their business the club positions the business as:

A monthly toy rental subscription service for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years.

Every month get a comprehensive selection of age appropriate toys. Keep the bag for 4 weeks and just as your child starts needing fresh stimulation, exchange for a new bag of toys! By renting instead of buying, you are reducing the clutter in your home, minimising waste and exposing your child to an excellent toy variety.

Toy rentals is also an excellent option for playgroups. There is nothing quite like the variety and quality that the Smart Toy Club provides!