Online kit rental platform launches in the UK

A new kit rental website has this week launched in the UK, offering “up to 30% less than a conventional rental facility”. Specialising in film and video equipment hire, MotionTribe provides a space for equipment owners and renters to connect. For those that want to film but don’t want to fork out huge sums for new equipment, all they have to do is pop on the website and conduct a search. Equally as worthwhile for equipment owners, they can generate income whilst not even working!

With the UK independent film industry flourishing of late, this launch comes just at the right time, seeing amateur videographers try out their skills without having to find huge budgets.

So, where did the idea come from? Well, the business is already operating in Belgium, launching in the country back in 2015. Having uncovered an appetite for a kit rental peer-to-peer platform, the business felt the UK was the logical next step to take their expansion forward.

Worried about your kit being damaged?

Whilst many would be worried about renting out their kit and it being damaged, the site seems to have everything covered. When renting through MotionTribe, hirers are covered with comprehensive insurance, with all policies coming with low excess charges in the unfortunate event of damage.

But, how do you know the equipment is any good? According to the creators of the site, equipment owners tend to list around £17,000 worth of equipment; all pieces that are highly in demand across the UK. As a result, the site is already enjoying 700 active users. These users are all within reach of around 1,000 items up for rent. Celebrating their ‘top users’, MotionTribe also claim that on average, they are seeing people return to the site to rent equipment around 30 times.

Currently, the business is using a spot in London at Cherryduck Studios in Wapping. Here, equipment renters and owners can pick up and drop off rental goods.

Let us know what you think; is this a service that the UK will be heavily utilising? Leave your thoughts with us.