We Don’t Like Being Called Disruptive, But We Are!

The word ‘disruptive’ has various negative connotations. From distributive neighbours keeping us up at night with loud music to the class clown disrupting a maths lesson at school, when we think of disruptors, our mind turns to gloom-ridden thoughts.

However, in the world of technology, being disruptive is the aim of the game, a term used to describe a technology firm that is outshining its competitors and taking the lead in its respective niche.

Here at Anything for Hire ‘disruptive’ is an adjective that is commonly used to describe our platform. Just recently, leading business publication, Business News Wales, called us exactly that, referring to our online business as a ‘disruptive firm set to take the UK hire industry by storm’.  

Below, we take a look at a few things that make us ‘disruptive’.

We offer a solution nobody else can 

At Anything for Hire, we have not only disrupted the hire market but created a new one! As well as listing products and services that people have always hired, we are constantly adding new services to our network, making literally anything available to hire. This has brought a new income stream to many UK businesses while increasing income for traditional hire businesses. And, this is all with the end-user in mind, working with a mission to give consumers the best possible service for a price they are happy to pay.   

We are innovators 

Bringing new methods, products and ideas to our customers all of the time, we are certainly not a brand that stands still. It is this level of innovation that warrants our disruptive label. But, the innovative part of our brand comes from our technology, not only utilising forward-thinking technology but creating it! 

We move with the times 

Unlike many of the new tech businesses launched in the UK, we work tirelessly to remain relevant and move with the times, improving our technology, user experience and list of hire solutions we can offer constantly. Just this week we have acquired a top competitor in the mandap hire space, proving our commitment to stay relevant and give our users access to the most affordable hire solutions on the market. 

Start using our disruptive platform today! 

Want to find out just how incredible the Anything for Hire platform really is? The only way to do so is by using it yourself! 

And, you will be glad to know that doing so is very easy! To conduct a search, all you need to do is input the hire service you are seeking as well as the location. 

Popular searches we can help you with include: 

  • Car hire 
  • Limo hire 
  • Bike hire 
  • Skip hire 
  • Tool hire 
  • Wedding car hire 
  • Yacht hire 
  • Venue hire 
  • Mobile bar hire 
  • Casino table hire 
  • And much, much more!