Where school proms were once something just American kids partook in, here in the UK we are now just as keen to throw elaborate prom parties.

From high-end suits and designer dresses to professional make up artists and limos, every school leaver in the UK is keen to make their exit from school life an event to remember.

And, as a platform that helps prom kings and queens find suitable hire services such a limo hire, MUA hire and the likes, we see it as our business to stay up-to-date with the latest prom trends.

One trend that is increasing in popularity is the ‘promposal’. Here at Anything for Hire, we delve deeper into what a promposal is and how best to conduct one. 

A promposal 

By definition, a promposal is an elaborately staged request to be someone’s date for prom. Not being too dissimilar to a wedding proposal, promposals are happening all the time across the nation, many of which are posted online and going viral! 

Utilising creativity, extravagance, and often ridiculousness, girls and boys are now in competition to deliver the most memorable promposal of all. 

Popular promposal techniques 

From the cute to the darn right bizzare, we take a look at a few promposal ideas British students are making use of.

The social promposal – today’s youths are a connected generation, meaning they are incredibly active online with most having a strong digital following that goes beyond their classmates. This is why many young men and women are choosing to post their promposals on Instagram, declaring their desire to date someone in their school in front of all of their ‘friends’ and followers. Not only is this a pretty cool and affordable way to ask someone to be your date but you can also leave a social imprint of the promposal, allowing you and your followers to go back and watch it time and time again for years to come. 

On one bended knee  – some boys and girls go one step further and actually ‘prompose’, getting down on one knee and popping that all-important question – ‘will you go to prom with me?’. In some cases, the person asking the question will even ask permission from their date’s partners before promposing. How very chivalrous! 

In a limo – like many main characters do in movies, some boys and girls decide to hire a limo for their promposal, setting the bar rather high for the prom itself! Turning up at their date’s house with a bunch of flowers in hand and a gleaming white stretched limo, such a proposal would be hard to say no to! 

Hire services to enhance your prom 

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