Limo Broker Invest in Fleet of Party Buses for 2015 Rugby World Cup

If you are a sports fan then you will probably have heard of Limo Broker, the country’s go-to company for sporting transport. From chauffeuring small teams to local games to transporting international fans to stadiums, the company goes to great lengths to turn a day out watching a game to an incredibly memorable event.

They have paid particular attention to this year’s Rugby World Cup, has added more and more cars to their already-celebrated repertoire.

According to Daniel Ford, the Sales Manager at Limo Broker:

Limo Broker has gone to great lengths to gear up for this year’s tournament, paying particular attention to offerings an assortment of cars to our customers. With party bus hire becoming more and more popular of late we decided to give the people what they want, adding Starline Party Buses in all UK cities.

What other cars have they added?

According to the company’s website, they have made the following incorporations into their vehicle collection:

  • 2015 plate Range Rover Sports
  • Starline limo Buses
  • Rolls Royce Phantoms and Ghosts
  • A large fleet of brand new minibusses
  • A wide range of supercars including Ferrari and Lamborghini brands

Book your car today

If you are thinking of hiring a car, limo or even a party bus to get to Wembley Stadium then be sure to check out the Limo Broker website for information on how to do so.