If you are from London then you will understand the necessity to be stylish, with your clothes, hair and even the restaurants you dine in being a huge social focus. This is also apparent when looking at the vehicles of London, with each street filled with stunning limos, chauffeur cars, and performance vehicles.

Although not every Londoner owns such a car they nonetheless crave them, in need of a local vehicle hire provider in the area. With the launch of VIP Travel, this demand is being well and truly catered to with the company boasting an impeccable fleet of fine automobiles for lease purposes.

A VIP fleet

Just like their name suggests the company stock vehicles associated with the elite, offering hire packages throughout all London areas.

In a recent release, the Head of Operations stated:

‘We have built up an amazing convey of cars, thinking very carefully before making each purchase, and although we wanted to be best known for limo and party bus hire in London our fleet allows us to accommodate all transport needs.’

The VIP fleet consists of limousines, party buses, chauffeur cars, corporate vehicles as well as supercars, boasting a variety of high-end brands.

‘We wanted to build a fleet that spoke to all tastes and preferences, allowing us to chauffeur all ages to all types of events in London’ continued the company Director.


Based in London, VIP Travel is offering everything from limo hire in Middlesex to supercar hire in Barking, helping the people of the city enjoy great transport experiences. In addition to their great cars, they also promise the best Chauffeurs in Britain, putting them through a stringent training program.

If you are looking to hire a limo or party bus in London then be sure to keep VIP Travel in mind.