Police for hire scheme launched by debt stricken Greeks

The Greek police force is offering police for hire at a cost of €30 an hour to private companies and citizens requiring protection under special circumstances. Prior to the Greek debt crisis, this service was offered for free.

However with Greece now in dire straits financially, the authorities are searching for new ways to help boost revenue. The latest police for hire scheme will offer cops for hire at a cost of €30 an hour, which works out at approximately £25 for an hourly hire period.

The Greek authorities have given assurances to the public that members of the police force will only be allowed to undertake private engagements so long as there is adequate police cover to ensure the safety of the general public. A spokesperson for the Greek Police force stressed that no citizen will be “deprived of police protection” as a result of the new hire venture.

Police can only be hired in special circumstances and cases of high risk. While the hire of a single police man or woman will set you back €30 an hour, additional services including the hire of a police escort car will cost €40 an hour while a motorcycle police escort is an additional €20 an hour. Entire police patrols can be hired at a cost of €200 an hour while a police helicopter rental service will set you back €1,500 an hour.

All revenue raised from the new police for hire scheme will be put back into the system to fund police equipment and also to help boost the state budget.