YouTube and Paramount sign deal to offer movies rentals

YouTube subscribers in the US and Canada will now have access to 500 movies titles from the Paramount studios after the two organisations unveiled plans to linked up and offer movie rental services.

The Paramount movie titles will be made available to hire through the Google Play Rental Library with the latest films costing in the region of $3.99 to hire while older movies will cost around $2.99 to hire with typical rentals lasting for 24 hours.

500 movie titles from across the Paramount Pictures portfolio will be made available to viewers in the States and Canada as part of the new deal. New movies such as The Adventures of Tin Tin and Captain American will be available to hire, as well as old classics such as The Godfather and Coming to America.

Paramount is the fifth major Hollywood studio to partner YouTube and Google Play in order to offer online movie rentals as Sony, Disney, Universal and Warner Brothers have already linked up with the online provider, collectively offering in the region of 9,000 movie titles for hire. Twentieth Century Fox remains the only leading movie studio to have not signed a deal with YouTube and Google Play to offer movie streaming services.

YouTube streams 4 billion videos everyday with YouTube users uploading 60 hours of video every minute. While much of the content on YouTube is home movie based, the Google owned brand is increasingly making professionally made videos such as Hollywood movies available to view online.