Co-Cars car hire scheme are in times of expansion  

As you know, at Anything for Hire we love to celebrate the vehicle hire market, ensuring consumers and businesses understand the vast amount of amount available to them. For this reason we were thrilled to hear the latest news from Co-Cars; a scheme that seeks to popularise car-sharing throughout the area of Cranbrook. With vehicles dotted throughout the area customers can choose to hire a car by the hour, leaving the car at one of the many car bays available. All actioned and monitored through the use of the humble smartphone this business is simply another example of the progression the vehicle hire market is experiencing.

Mark Hodgson, founder and managing director of Co-cars, said:

“We are very pleased to be extending the network of the car club into Cranbrook and giving residents access to cars across our network as well. We focus on supporting the shift from owning to sharing, so members can focus on their life and having a great journey.

Singing the praises of the product this new craze for car-pooling is a competitive industry, with many firms eager to attract customers.

“It is very affordable, too. Each hire costs from just £3.75 per hour or from £25 for a 24 hour period plus 15p per mile. Fuel, insurance, tax, maintenance and emergency cover are all included so there are no hidden costs.

“All this for only £25 per household membership for two adults. It’s convenient, clever, and once you ‘Co-car it’, you won’t look back. You’ll save a surprising amount of money – up to £3,500 per year for the average household. That goes a long way towards funding a family holiday.”

Expanding the business as a whole we at Anything for Hire would like to say congratulations to the business!