Surrey campaigners hire a double decker bus to save transport services  

In a plea to revert Surrey County Council’s plans, a group of enthusiastic campaigners needed to make a big statement, going to great lengths to object to plans to cut the 514, 515 and 458 bus services. In order to gain exposure the emphatic grouped hired a double decker bus, getting noticed when delivering a 2,000 signature petition to the council.

following Abellio’s decision to withdraw its contract the campaigned urged local authorities to “Save Our Buses”, with services said to come to a halt stopped on New Year’s Day. Wanting to save the whole community from these changes Councillors have worked hard to keep things as they are, all wanting to pass comment on the news.

“The impact of withdrawing these services would be devastating to the whole community,” said Cllr Bland.

“Many of our elderly residents and those with disabilities have no alternative forms of transport and rely on our local buses to maintain their independence.

“There are also those who rely on buses to take them to work, schools and colleges, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals.”

Rhodir Richards, chairman of the Residents’ Association, said: “Any plan to cut the bus services would contradict the county council’s pledge to foster a more environmentally friendly county.

“More and more residential and business planning applications without off-street parking are being given the green light, with the reasoning that we should be encouraging people to forego their cars and use public transport. This means that Surrey County Council should be investing in and improving bus services, not cutting them.”

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