We at Anything For Hire know more than anyone how creative things can in the car hire industry. Having worked with the likes of Limo Broker, Cars for Stars and Regency Car Hire, we have seen our fair share of inventive cars, hence why we were so thrilled to see the unveiling of the Theatre Bath Bus. Doubling up as a theatre on wheels, the amazing projects was 100% funded by the local community.

The 11 meter-long, Volvo Wright Renown bus now exists as an intimate venue, fully-fitted with a24 bench-seat auditorium, stage, dressing room, box office and even a bar! Unveiled this month, the unique space will be used fore various different projects, including theatre, mobile cinema, workshops, comedy, music, seminars and parties.

The Mayor of Bath, Paul Crossley commented at the unveiling: “What an exciting project you have created. The Mayoress loved the concept. Converting an old bus into a mobile mini theatre and entertainment space is a wonderful idea. Well done to all who helped bring the idea to delivery.”

The Mayor also seized the opportunity to have his photo taken in the driver’s seat wearing the coveted bus driver’s hat.

Luke John Emmett, creator of the Theatre Bath Bus said: “I feel so very privileged that the arts community in Bath believed in us and this idea, and have helped us to create this wonderful resource for all to use.

“Everyone has been so incredibly generous with their support, money and time to help us to realise this unique project.

“We must give a massive thank you to Nick Steel at Bath Comedy Festival, Kirsty and the team at Southgate and Visit Bath for allowing us the opportunity to park in Brunel Square.”

Zoe Bailey, co-creator said: “The launch of the Theatre Bath Bus was fantastic; seeing members of the public and local community enjoying what we have created, and being inspired to use it for their own projects.

“We are delighted there is a real interest in this project and are excited for the next step.”

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