The hire car company unveiled their brand new advertisement video on their website. However, customers were quick to notice an epic error with regards to the featured location.

Avis included a picture of Island Sark in order to promote the offers it currently has on summer rentals. Quite embarrassing for the company as cars are banned in Sark, one of the Channel Islands.

The Island only permits the use of tractors, horse-drawn carriages and bicycles.

However, this wasn’t the only mistake the company made. During the video, the car hire company were promoting the idea of taking a hire care there. They wrote: “board a ferry with your hire car to the island of Sark – just 55 minutes away”. It seems Avis didn’t know that if their customers were successful in getting a hired car to the Island, they then wouldn’t be able to drive it anywhere.

Since customers pointed the error out to the company Avis have successfully, and quickly, removed the picture of Sark off the advertisement. They have also now donated to the new Sark Sanctuary which is a centre primarily funded by the Methodist Church. The Church hosts children’s clubs. This was done as a way of offering an apology to the Island and their existing customers.

Avis shouldn’t be too embarrassed as they aren’t the only company to ever make a travel gaff. In 2009, a Thai tourist centre promoted a Kai beach with a lovely, scenic image. However, it turned out to be a snap of Berne ray Island in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.  Avis France also made a memorable mistake when they used snaps of French beaches as a promotion to customers. Though very inviting, it was soon revealed that they were doctored photos. Understandably, there were some very disappointed customers upon arrival when expectations did not become a reality.