As a nation, we are all doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. 

One popular way UK residents and tourists are achieving this is by opting to cycle when they can drive. This is because the conventional road car omits huge levels of omissions into the atmosphere, with cycling being a lot kinder to our planet. 

This national focus is set to be heightened as Car Free Day approaches on Sunday 22nd September.  

Wanting to mark this incredibly important day is London’s highest-regraded bike rental firm, Brompton Bike Hire. 

Launching their Campaign for Movement, the firm will be giving away 15000 hours of free bike hire. These hours will be split across 5,000 memberships and will hopefully go a long way in promoting healthier travelling in and around London. 

Continuing to promote wellbeing in the city, Will Butler-Adams OBE, CEO of Brampton, said: 

“Our urban lifestyles are damaging our health, and we have lost touch with our surroundings – it’s time to act now before it’s too late.” 

Justifying his decision to give away so many hours of service for free, Butler-Adams is looking to make a real statement with this promotion. 

“95% of London’s population lives in areas which exceed the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. The government isn’t investing enough in cycling infrastructure to help solve not only pollution problems but our wider health and wellbeing. Cycling is the clear and obvious answer. We see this as a rallying cry to everybody to act now before it’s too late. If we work together, we can become a catalyst for change; creating healthier, happier cities that enable citizens, rather than hold them back” he continued. 

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