It has been a big week for bike hire in Scotland, with Aberdeen giving the green light to a new bike rental initiative in the city. However, for Edinburgh, things are not so positive, with plans for electric Just Eat bike hire being put on hold. 

According to sources, electric hire bikes have been delayed until next year; a rumour that has now been confirmed by Just Eat Cycles operator; Serco.  

Now, we look forward to Spring 2020; the new proposed date to welcome electric bike hire to the city.  

Serco said in May last year: “The electric bikes will be introduced by the end of the first year of the scheme.” 

However, just this week, Just Eat Cycle’s General Manager, Graham, told the press that we were looking at Spring for a new launch date. 

“We feel it would be better to launch in the spring when there would be higher usage” he said.  

When the time does come, the streets of Edinburgh will be filled with 168 of these eco bikes. But before that, the bikes can be seen and ridden at various events held at Edinburgh University. 

Mr Graham continued: “In the spring, the people of Edinburgh will have access to a fleet of e-bikes, which will provide an alternative mode of transport which is sustainable and cost effective. 

“The e-bikes will help re-introduce cycling to harder to reach groups, including older users and those who may not have ridden a bike for many years. 

But, how much will these bikes cost to hire?  

Although nothing is set in stone, riders can expect to be charged £1.50 for an hour or £3 for the whole day.  

Let us know what you think, will you be hiring an electric bike next time you are in Edinburgh?